About Us

Who We Are

Nexland Company Limited was founded in 2014 by JX Chou. The company was started as the project/property management company which later expanded into Leasing and Property Development for commercial, residential and industrial in Myanmar. We have highly qualify team working together to bring the best possible real estate solutions and deliver highest quality services on time to meet the needs of our clients. Our focus is not only to offer the solutions and services but also to nurture long-term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients as well as our partners. “International Commercial Centre” ICC, a 12 storey building located on Strand Road, Yangon, Myanmar is one of the successful leasing and management projects as well as the first ever project after Nexland is established.

What We Do

Nexland is your partner and solution provider. Our aim is to provide lasting value and professional service to our clients, tenant and local communities. We provide project/property management, property development, leasing and service provider for commercial, residential and industrial in most sustainable and environmental friendly way.

Our main priority is to maintain international standard and quality for all our tenants/clients. Effective property management involves more than just rent/service charge collection and property maintenance. It also includes the ability to identify and exploit opportunities to improve capital and rental values and reduce property overheads. The service we provide is tailored to each client’s requirements as we are flexible and opened to our competitive market condition. Nexland also provides a help desk for our tenants and clients ensuring that a rapid response is given to emergencies and building maintenance issues.


To transform the property management & development industry through commitment to positive change and innovation that maintains the quality and consistency of service that clients can count on.


To deliver highest level of customer satisfaction by providing excellent project management, leasing and high standard property development for commercial, residential and industrial in most sustainable and environmental friendly way in Myanmar.